Hospital Billing Services

Hospital billing is a complex process since each task requires expert knowledge. Tasks like insurance verification, medical coding,charge entry, A/R & denial management can put your practice under pressure. Furthermore, data analysis  & payment postings etc put extra burden & affect the revenues. Aside from that, hospital billing also presents challenges regarding payment delays, backlogs, and refunds. Medical billing experts in the USA  provide services for several types of practices working in multiple domains. These may include cardiology billing,  dermatology billing, discharge summary, and many more. Each one of these may have its own set of challenges.  Even a small error will result in denials, delays, and partial payments. To ensure that your practice works at its best, the flow of revenue is not only vital but also a necessity.

Vo Healthcare Hospital Billing Services

    Verify all information related to diagnosis and procedures by cross-checking all fields during patient registration
    Examine insurance policies carefully to identify issues like covered benefits, deductible, co-insurance, co-pays, etc.
    Medical coding services with  high accuracy that we ensure by letting them go through multiple expert reviews
    Keep you up to date on insurance company guidelines and file claims accordingly.

An Overview of Our Hospital Billing Process

We provide an organized and definite process workflow that enables us to convey services accurately and efficiently. Take a look at the various hospital billing services available under VO Healthcare

Insurance Verification

During this process, we determine whether a patient is eligible for insurance coverage benefits. Furthermore, we check whether a referral or preauthorization is necessary. We calculate all deductibles and co-payments a patient may need to pay after verifying their eligibility.

Medical Coding Tasks

VO Healthcare medical coders go over all documentation and files about the services rendered.  We use transcripts of doctors’ appointments, diagnostic tests, imaging results, and other sources to verify the services rendered. Furthermore, we assign billing codes once the verification process is complete and after reviewing all the Medical records.

Charge entry tasks

Charge entry team enters the demographics to create a patient record after reviewing and verifying all the details from reports and Insurance cards. Also, we gather all the other needed information from the forms filled out during registration. Then charges entered on a bill or claim associated with that patient’s account.

Payment Posting

We make sure to include every detail related to the payment in the system by carefully going through the scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits). Also check and post the other payment methods like, self pay, check or credit card payments. Following this, our professionals update the data in the patient’s account.

Denial Management

VO Healthcare understands the reason for the denial, fixes the issue, and resubmits the claim. We promptly rectify denials that result from simple issues, such as insufficient information, incorrect filing, and improper use of modifiers and data.

Account Receivable / Follow-Up

To minimize AR days, we strictly follow up on unpaid claims. Accounts receivable & follow-up team resolves disputes over partially paid and unpaid claims as soon as possible. By doing so, the practice receives funds faster and the payment is processed quickly.

With VO healthcare you will gain access to  medical billing experts in the USA. We not only provide billing, but also health systems, you can take advantage of credentialing services as well. That, too, at the most affordable rate! So, leave your hospital billing to us and focus on patient care.

VO Healthcare: A Team You Can Always Rely On

In a team sport, every player plays a specific role, and each member’s contribution is vital; similarly, medical billing also requires teamwork. A successful company puts the right people in the right spot and trains them on the latest changes and standards. VO Healthcare does it better than anyone else. It not only covers all the aspects of billing services but also becomes your partner to help you achieve your overall business goals.