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Revenue management in the medical and health care industry demands innovation and the right kind of processes. Over the years,  by providing medical billing services, we have helped our clients to build stronger bonds between patients and doctors.  Virtual healthcare is one of the Top Medical Billing Services Companies in USA. that has maintained a proven track record over the years. We specialize in providing solutions that produce proficiency and effectiveness in the RCM(revenue cycle management). 


As we entered the field of medical billing, we imagined it would be better, that we could make it more advanced and efficient. Additionally, we aimed to provide the best RCM for all of our clients. We go about it by keeping our solutions updated and regular training of our professionals.  The result is modern, effective, and affordable medical billing solutions for the USA  healthcare practices, doctors, surgeons, and clinics.

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We prioritize your Revenue Cycle Management and medical billing via proven solutions and consistent approach and dedication. By relieving doctors of stress related to medical billing and revenue collection, we will help maintain good physician-patient relationships. Modern technologies and skilled personnel powered by virtual healthcare cover all aspects of revenue cycle management. Whether you have questions or concerns, we’re here to answer them! Reach out to us to know how to give your RCMthe best direction.



Virtual Healthcare RCM Solutions



In order to free up their overburdened doctors’ time, Virtual Healthcare billing is designed to reduce paperwork and free them up to spend time with their patients and themselves. Ultimately, our offered solutions guarantee better health for patients, higher efficiency, and greater joy in care. It is our constant goal to provide better results that lead to consistent profits and less number of denials. We aim to become one of the top medical billing services companies in the United states.


Having the right data at the right time and place is of utmost importance to us since it makes the job of the clinician easier. We work towards creating clinically, financially, and legally accurate billing solutions. The goal of billing solutions is to cover the entire spectrum of healthcare that includes surgeons, hospitals, clinics, specialists, and health care practices. We deliver for RCM  before, during, and after the visit of the patient.



 We can provide you with a revenue cycle that guarantees consistent income.  As our association grows, we provide support by expanding our services and reducing fees. Furthermore, we work tirelessly to meet your needs. We stay abreast of new trends and guidelines. Our RCM solutions help our clients achieve their objectives and remain profitable.  

What Our Clients Say

“I had no idea I was losing so much money due to denials. Now my denials have come down to only 3%. Such a lovely experience it has been with Vo Healthcare. I have no reluctance in recommending Vo to other practices.”

Jim Sinclair

“Virtual Healthcare impression is amazingly prosperous, I am glad to have such an outstanding group to handle the billing for my practice.”

Robert Williams

“ My experience has been really positive. These folks know what they are doing. Never faced a single issue in the last 1 year”

Stacy Benjamin

Medical Billing Solutions

Top medical billing services companies in the USA aim to create a consistent stream of cash flow for their clients. We at Virtual Oplossing Healthcare provide complete solutions for RCM, medical billing, and all components that go with it. Our experience & adaptability to modern solutions bring digital capabilities for medical billing. Compliances and standards change from time to time, so our solutions don’t stay static. Our teams of medical billing professionals are continually trained to reduce errors to the minimum. Moreover, business insights help you achieve the best healthcare revenue management. In short, Vo Healthcare helps organizations create a better patient experience and revenue cycle.

We at Virtual Oplossing Healthcare believe it is imperative not only to provide the best medical billing services in the USA to our clients but also to our staff. Creating an environment where medical billing professionals can think freely, be creative, and be independent. The medical billing experts at our company are encouraged to collaborate in a stress-free environment by playing games, conversing with each other, and having fun together. We at Virtual healthcare believe that happiness and energy can be the key to solving problems, and that’s how we operate.

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